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Name: Description: Mars ID#:
Graphite chunks 20 drums per month SCE07RA2
Office furniture File cabinets, conference table, etc SMA04RS1
Poly and Metal drums 55, 30 and 15 gallon closed and open top poly drums, previously contained seed SMA04RS1
Fire lockers misc. sizes and conditions SMA04RS1
Drum dollies Used round steel dollies with wheels, 22.50 each CMA03RS1
Drum dollies 2 Cradle type heavy duty, 60.00 each CMA03RS2
Toner Black powder toner, Ongoing, large quantities, call for details SRI07CH1
Latex paint Ongoing, shades of white and colors, 1’s, 5’s and 55’s, screened through 1/8″ mesh screen. Also virgin, unopened pails. CCH09AM1
IPA 7000 gallons per week, SF104MI1
Graphite powder 100 drums per month SCE07RA2
Sodium Hydroxide ongoing 50%
Calcium Nitrite Powder 400 lbs, virgin NA06CC05A
Calcium Nitrite Solution 1000 gallons, 33%, virgin NA06CC05B