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ServicesWe have many services available for a variety of customers and situations:

  • Waste disposal: RCRA, Non-RCRA, and non hazardous waste disposal, recycling, and incineration.
  • E-Waste: Computers, monitors, office equipment, electronics.
  • Universal waste: Batteries, pesticides, mercury, lamps, aerosols.
  • Radioactive materials: ¬†Exit signs, etc.
  • Clean up services: Facility closures, abandoned property, eviction, hoarder and crime scene cleanups.
  • Training classes (HAZWOPER, OSHA, Compliance, etc.).
  • Storm water plans.
  • Labpacking
  • Purchase of off spec and surplus chemicals.
  • Soil and water treatment recycling.
  • Supplies: Drums, pails, cubic yard containers, sorbants, gloves, respirators, sampling equipment, spill kits, spill containment, and products for almost any environmental need.
  • Custom labels and signs for your vehicles, facility or products.
  • Wholesale chemical sales.

Tell your Mars representatives what your chemical needs are and the specifications you require. We will supply a sample to you and possibly save you 50% or more on your chemical or solvent purchases.